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Über mich OBEN

About me

Vera Who?


I'm a crazy artist, an introvert, a silent observer, and the person who can't shut up. Sometimes I think that all the personalities I have embodied in previous lives have merged into one in the present one. What does that mean? It means being hungry. Hungry to express by as many methods as possible. To create something that many people find joy in. If in the evening I can claim to have given someone a moment of inspiration, it was a good day.


Why Fantastic Literature?


Are you familiar with that feeling? You have to read a scene five times, six times, ten times because you want to experience the magic in it again and again? The thrill when a magical moment in a book turns into your own? Such experiences can stay with you for weeks, months, sometimes even a lifetime. Stories shape you, it's always said. I want to add: But moments shape you even more! A story sets the framework. However, it is the individual moment that really matters. That's how I see it. When I read a book, I always chase those rare moments that have the power to move, to shake and leave you fulfilled. In writing, it has become my highest ambition to create this kind of magic myself. The fantastic and fairytale-like seems to me particularly suitable to achieve this. In Fantasy we willingly open up to amazement. It is, in my opinion, an important skill that cannot be cultivated enough. Of course, this does not mean that I will never make excursions into realism. I would never deny reality its miraculous qualities, or banish amazement from our everyday lives. After all, curious things can be found as soon as we step out of our doors. Behind every corner there is lurking something worth writing about!

Selbst_Webauflösung Kopie.jpg
Vera_FliegendeBücher Webauflösung Kopie.jpg

Why Illustration?


Because illustration is just another form of storytelling. As a little child, it was my dream to one day work as an artist for Walt Disney. Their beautiful animated movies had a strong impact on me and continue to inspire me to this day. Growing up I followed a very different direction. I studied classical music and opera singing, intending to become … well, something like an opera diva, I guess. (I've told you I am crazy.) Today I have returned to drawing and painting and writing. It feels like being home again.

How do I approach writing?


Like a camera. I love the movies because they are a perfect combination of three things that inspire me: pictures, words and music. Writing is always a bit like going to the cinema. But I'm directing everything myself while at the same time watching the whole thing. Sometimes I have to watch many different versions of a scene before I know what I really want. At other times, the scene runs only once and is perfect.
Music also plays a big part in my writing process. Especially classical music, hybrid orchestral style and, of course, film music. I find pieces that express the vibes of my characters, settings and scenes and listen to them regularly.

Vera Webauflösung ©photopam 2022 (5)_edited.jpg

Some more things I need

Forest. The thicker the better. The bigger, the more exciting. If you can't get lost in it, it's no good.

Loneliness. It's vital to me.

Socializing. Important, but sometimes quite a distraction.

Singing. I'm good at singing. Honestly.

Paint, paper and canvas

My neighbor's cat.

My dreams.


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